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SCP Thrust Plates are available in standard sizes for 3 to 8.25 inch airframes…customs by request

6061 Aluminum, bright anodized red for durability and ease of cleaning.  Slip into your airframe and allow ALL thrust loading to be transferred directly to the end of the airframe tubing.  This eliminates shear loaded joints, and these can be removed and replaced to reconfigure your motor arrangement.

Drilled and threaded to accept the Aeropack line of Flanged Motor Retainers making it a simple process to mount this retainer system.  No need to try to drill and line up 12 holes and inserts in plywood any more!

Here is the PML 7.5″ Thrust Plate, shown with the Aero Pack Flanged Quick Change retainer system for a 98mm motor. CNC located tapped holes means you don’t have to mess with misaligned inserts any more. Finished in bright red anodize.

A cluster configuration with specially designed retainer system to hold 5 motors.  This was a standard product in the beginnings of the SCP Thrust Plate lineup.  Similar custom projects are no problem for us so let us know what you are thinking about for customs!

This is the ever – popular Thrust Plate for the 6″ Airframe with a 98mm motor. The Aeropack flanged retainers fit perfectly to our Thrust Plates.

We will correct for taxes if applicable (NYS residents will be charged 8%) and also fix overcharges for shipping, and will combine shipping charges manually.  If you see extra shipping charges don’t hesitate to make sure we catch it and fix it! Better yet – if you are an expert with Paypal buttons and setting up a shipping system send a message.

3″ – 4″ Airframes

Chose Configuration for 3" – 4" Airframe

5″ – 6″ Airframes

Chose Configuration for 5" – 6" Airframe

7.5″ – 8.25″ Airframes

Note – the 8.25/98 will be discontinued after stock deleted.

The 7.5/98 was brought back to life due to some high demand from Performance Hobbies – yeah Ken!

Chose Configuration for 7.5" – 8.25" Airframe